Can Stripe distribute sales minus commissions in a C2C marketplace?

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Hi Everyone,


my plan is to create a marketplace where individuals can sell used items to individuals through my platform (C2C).
I would like to use either Shipturtle or the Multi-Vendor Marketplace app.

I will be taking a commission on sales, which I want to deduct from the total purchase price.
Is there a solution/app that will transfer/distribute the amount minus the commission to the seller and the commission itself to me upon payment?
Can Stripe do this?

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Hey, Shipturtle is good. I am currently using it to maintain one of my client's marketplaces. It allows me to set multiple-level commissions, be it product-specific, category-specific, or vendor-specific. 


You may have to check with the team for C2C functionality. I am not sure about it but this is a good blog on C2C that I found on their website.