Can't add apps from shopify app store

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Hi, i have problem with adding apps from shopify appstore.
When i press install it loading and then throwing me to the app chanell and on the bottom of the site shows
Red errror : ,, There was a problem with your request, please try again. "

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I have the same problem here. I did look some stuff up but none of the solutions work


Tried from incognito window

Cleared cache and all that

Tried different browsers


All have the same error message when i go to install. Just takes me back to the apps page. 


Any help would be great!

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I’m having the same issue here now.


I was thinking it could have been restrictions with the app itself not allowing it to download to my store but I think there may be an issue with Shopify right now. 


I tried downloading another app to test and see but it’s giving the same error message. 

Anyways, I’m hoping this gets sorted out soon!