can't find marketplace_orders in access scope to get a list of order data

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Hey, I'm currently trying to get order data so I can use inside of my app, that I'm using for personal use.


I have found the read_orders scope but not the marketplace_orders scope throughout the  access scope docs

and the error I get is   Error: connect ECONNREFUSED

So I know this error is related to the access scope 


I would appreciate any help or to know if I am overlooking something in the docs


FYI: I know the orders scope works cause I can get the order count but not the order data



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Access denied for refundCreate field. Required access: Any of `orders`, `marketplace_orders`, `buyer_membership_orders` access scopes



I think we're somehow have related issue. Can't seem to find where to set/request these missing permissions for calling `refundCreate` in my admin action.