Can't seem to find a bundle app that suits my needs...

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What I want to do sounds pretty straight forward, but unfortunately after days of searching, I didn't really find a solution to my problem.

Let's say I sell Coloured Phone cases. They are exactly the same, just the colour is different. So I could have a single product in my whole shop with variants, or single products for every colour. Doesn't really matter to me. Let's also say I sell every case for 3,5 €. 

Now the fun part: I want 3 bundles/kits/boxes/sets/packs whatever, which are displayed as single products. Like this:

"1 phone case of your choice" - 3,50€

"5 phone cases of your choice" - 9,00€

"10 phone cases of your choice" - 20,00€

See how, the more the customer buys, the cheaper a single case gets?

Now, when the customer clicks on a bundle, he has to somehow choose 1, 5 or 10 phone cases. It doesn't matter how exactly this is done, like whether by adding 10 products to a "box", and then adding that "box" to the shopping cart, or by choosing the colour of like 10 separate phone cases, but its important that the customer has the feeling, that he is choosing the content of a "box" of some kind.

I beg to you, please help my find a solution. I don't really know liquid quite well yet, and don't have enough time to learn it. So if you are someone who could realize what I want, no matter how, I would be more than happy to even pay you or whatever. 

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There are some bundle apps that let you create custom product pages where you can then define the components that make up the bundle so the user can select from them. 

We have our own bundling solution however it works as a single product which you predefine. In your scenario there needs to be theme changes so check out the ones that modify your theme or create bundle product pages.



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Interesting idea.

I could see how this could be useful for any number of custom “box” configuration marketing offerings.


I just sent you a private message let’s connect and let’s see if I can help with this idea. 


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Hey @okayundso,


Have you already checked PickyStory's Kits deal?


Kits enable you to upsell with tiered pricing and quantity breaks to incentivize customers to add more products - Buy X Get Y. 

For example, 5 for X% off, 10 for Y% off.

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Paulo M. | PickyStory

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Hi @okayundso

I believe Bundle Kit does exactly what you need!

Bundle Kit displays bundles as standalone products (with selectable variants) that can be seen in the catalogue.

Bundle Kit tracks the inventory levels of the bundle and the individual bundled items as they are sold in real-time to prevent overselling.

Bundle Kit sets the bundle price automatically based on the prices of the underlying bundled items (with option to override the sale price for discounting purposes).

Bundle Kit does not allow the customer to increase/decrease the quantity of individual bundled items as it is pre-defined by the merchant.

You can try the app for free at:

Hope this helps!

Let me know if you have any more questions, and I will be happy to answer them.



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Hi @okayundso    ,

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