Can't update product via shopify gem ruby Bad Request (JSON::ParserEr

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I am trying to access and update my product through the REST Admin API reference.
First, i am doing the set up in the environment.rb file with

        api_key: API_KEY,
        api_secret_key: SECRET_API_KEY,
        host_name: STORE,
        scope: "write_script_tags,read_script_tags,write_channels,read_channels,read_analytics,write_product_feeds,read_products,read_product_feeds,write_product_listings,read_product_listings",
        is_embedded: true, # Set to true if you are building an embedded app
        is_private: true, # Set to true if you are building a private app
        api_version: "2023-10" # The version of the API you would like to use



Then, i am starting my rails console.
Then I do:

test_session =
  shop: STORE,
  access_token: TOKEN,

I can access some of my products with 

 ShopifyAPI::Product.all(session: test_session)


Now, I want to update published attribute of the product with the id X.
Following the documentation I do:






p = test_session) = X
p.published = false!






I have the error:

gems/ruby-3.1.3/gems/json-2.6.3/lib/json/common.rb:216:in `parse': unexpected token at 'Bad Request' (JSON::ParserError)

I don't understand what is going on...
Thanks for your help

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