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I am not able to click through to see each collection page. I am not sure what is wrong. We have Gem Pages installed, but we're still using Shopify's default collection template, so this app shouldn't be affecting it. Although, when I click this link ( it actually does show our collections page.

For reference, here is the original collection page URL:

Can anyone figure out what the issue may be? Much appreciated! Cheers!

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Hi @ValetSeller 

The issue is somehow related to your app. it appears to have modified your collections template.

However, if you add that "?view=gem-1593744843-template" to the end of any of your collection links, they will work again.

For example, will take you to the 'blank' collection page, but will take you to the working collection page.

You will need to go through your navigation menus (and anywhere else where you have your collections individually linked) and add that extra string to the end of the link for it to work.