Can we use Thank You page Checkout Extension for normal shops (not shopify plus)?

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Hi everyone,  Javier here.


We have a shopify app for creating surveys.

We want to create surveys and display them in the Checkout thank you page. The recommended way is to use a Checkout Extension. The problem with the Checkout Extensions is that  it works only for Shopify plus stores. What can we do to include custom blocks in the Thank You page for non shopify plus stores?


Will the Checkout Extensions be available for all stores any time soon?


We have checked out checkout liquid and shopify script tags but they are deprecated. Should we use them anyway?


Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


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Hi @javierMorales 
Thankyou and Order Status page checkout extensions are available to ALL Shopify plans.
Information/Shipping/Payment checkout extensions are restricted to Plus plans... so you should be fine.

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Hi @RMedia,

thank you very much for your quick response. It is a relief for us to here that. I have been trying to include the extension in one of my test stores but the Checkout Editor is not available in normal stores. All the tutorials include the block with the Checkout Editor. How can I do it in this case?