Can you AB test variants in product options?

Can you AB test variants in product options?

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I know there are several apps out there that allow you to AB test prices, photos, descriptions on a product page. But is there an app (or a way) to show/hide certain shopify variants as well? An example of something we are looking to test is:

Option A:
Coaster Set (starts at $10)
variants: Oak, Walnut (+$5), Pine (+$10)
Option B:
Coaster Set (starts at $15)
variants: Walnut, Pine (+$5)
So on Option B, we would remove the oak (cheapest) variant and as a result the product would start at a higher price, but the cost of a walnut or pine coaster would be the same across both products.
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If the product has 1 option, it should be fairly easy to hide certain variants by assigning those variants to some metafield and reading the metafield in the liquid file.

When there are 2 or 3 options, it gets complicated and you'll need Javascript to handle it.

If you're looking for an app: our Camouflage app can hide any variant you like from product pages.

Camouflage - Hide sold out variants:

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Hi Siliweb,

Our free app Crowly can do exactly what you're looking for! Automate your AB testing for product variant pricing, descriptions, and soon featured image. 

Only thing the app can't do for you is hide a variant but it seems if you use that in tandem with that other responsders app "Camoflauge", you'll be able to do your desired AB testing.

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