Can you build a Shopify App using Nest.js and its potential drawbacks?

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Is it possible to create Shopify App with Nest.js? If so, what would be the cons of using it instead of Node.js?

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I am also planning to build the Shopify app backend with Nest.js for out-of-box architecture. But the Nest.js learning curve is much steeper than the other Node.js web frameworks, like express.js 

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HI, I've made Shopify app template with NestJS. If you would like to create Shopify app with nestJS yet, Please check it.

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Anyone coming to this thread. I am actively maintaining the following packages for building Shopify apps on NestJS:

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Hey everyone, if you're looking to build a Shopify app using Nest.js, Introducing an embedded app starter template in TypeScript for building Shopify apps with Nest.js.

It includes React.js, Apollo Client, Zustand, Nest.js, Prisma, and more in the tech stack. The setup is straightforward, and I'm here to provide support if you need it. Let's create amazing Shopify apps together! 🚀

You can find the template here: Github Repository

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Hey all, I have built a starter which we use at for all of our apps.
Have added some conveniences to improve DX:
- Swagger by default
- Shopify cli compatible
- Tailwind css for quick utility classes along with polaris
- Vite HMR by default
- Custom hook: useApi using Axios