Can you create a Referral & Affiliate Program in One App?

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Hey there! Looking for a recommendation...
Is there an app that would allow me to give discount codes for both customers who refer new customers (referers) and the new customers (referrals) as well (i.e, share a 10% discount and get a 10% discount) AND have an affiliate program where I can track/pay a commission on 1st-time sales to my affiliate partners? 
For the affiliate program, I'd like for the affiliate to have their own unique code that would be used during checkout for the discount (not an affiliate link).
And I'd like for these referral/affiliate codes to be able to be used in addition to a discount code given for email signups using something like Privy but not for other referral/affiliate codes (so people can't stack codes).
Is there an app that can create and manage discount codes for both referral and affiliate (i.e, instead of 2 separate apps)?
Thank you!
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Hi @dln5013 ,

Our brand new app EasyAccounts has the ability to run both of these promotions in an automated fashion:

Through EasyAccounts Promotions tool, these type of programs can be set up in a unique way for your store, custom affiliate rewards, specific sign-up bonuses, etc.

Here's an article that goes over how to set up a basic promotion:

Please let us know how things look here and if you would like to go over anything. Our team is available at anytime to help out!


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Hi @dln5013,

I'm not sure if you tried Referral Candy or UpPromote but it's my recommendation based on what you mentioned: Both have referral program with discount and affiliate management in one app. 

I hope you find this helpful.


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Hi @dln5013,


ConvertOut is an option. It allows you to keep track of commissions, generate affiliate codes automatically, and monitor payouts. Different commission and discount rates can be set for each ambassador.


Install it for free here if you want to give this a try.