Can you use Shopify Flow to trigger an email of previous days sales for a certain location?

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Hi there,


We have a physical boutique, an online store, a market stall and a warehouse. In terms of locations in Shopify, we have 3 setup: Boutique, Online + Warehouse, and Markets.


Whatever sells in the boutique needs to be restocked the next day, so we currently have a look at the daily sales for the POS location, then have to create a transfer. Same process for the markets.


Is there a way to setup something through shopify flow to send an email at a certain time with all sales and variants for that location - a picklist of sorts? 


Ideally, if it could create a draft transfer that it preloads with the stock sold from the previous day that would be incredible. even better if it just automatically transferred 🤣


or if you have any other suggestions then that would be great thanks. the transferring is a step that we would rather not have.



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It could probably be done in flow with some custom code and graphql.


We also have an automation template for this kind of thing if you're open to a 3rd party app: Daily Order Report Card