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Canadian Site wants to display fixed USD prices to US customers

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Hi Everyone,

We're running a successful direct to consumer clothing brand to Canadian customers but want to launch into the US market. Currently we are using a currency converter so US customers see prices in a converted USD price we want to sell products to the US market in fixed USD prices not use a converter.

For example in Canada is would sell for $195 CAD and in the US it would sell for $195 USD. 

Is there a way to do this with an app or a custom development? 

We have seen other shops do this by setting a completely new site for US and CAD but we don't want to go that route since it means managing two pools of inventory, email lists, etc. 

Would love any thoughts on how to make this work!

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@LMac Just to be clear, you want to be able to set multiple prices for a product and show the correct price/currency based on where the user is located in? 

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Yes that’s what we’re trying to do.