Cannot delete customers due to "Active subscription" that doesn't exists.

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So we're making a subscription app, and one of our clients tested our app on their store, after they're done with the test, they canceled all the subscription contracts, then tried to delete all these test customer data via the admin page but many of them can't be deleted due to the "Active subscription" error.


Unable to delete [customer name]

This customer can't be deleted because they have:

  • Active subscription


We have run the queries and checked our database to make sure that every subscription contract associated with the customer has been set to "CANCELLED" and there are no active subscription contracts left. Yet, we still can't delete the customer.


These customers are also made solely for testing with our app and don't have a subscription contract with the other app. We've tried to contact Shopify support and they said it's our app's problem and we have to work on it.


Is there anything we missed that makes us unable to delete the customer due to this "Active Subscription" problem?




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Anything to report on this? It is still an issue in Nov 2023.