Cant connect my store to CustomCat POD

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I'm a new shopify store owner.

I'm trying to connect my store to CustomCat app but it failed every time.

Whenever, i connected my store, it took me to the correct store and asked me launch the app.

But when i got to the app, it asked me to connect to a store again?

I've done it at least 5-6 times today without success.

Has anyone experienced this error before? 


Much appreciated,


Warm Regards,


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Hi @wordsgift2019 


I'm a fellow user, this could be a potential technical issue. I've checked the customcat contact page and I would recommend checking with customcat or Shopify support on their site for troubleshooting.


Wishing you all the best!

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Im having the same problem. Since this was brought up several years ago one would think a solution or fix is availale by now.