Carro shopping channel -vs- Affiliate app.

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I recently downloaded UpPromote Affiliate app and my store has slowed way down.  My question:  Do I need this app.  I already have Carro in my shopping channels.

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Hi @Pamela_Ponsart,

We are UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing. Firstly, thank you for your belief when choosing us for your business. We are appreciated that and always hope that we can bring better experience for you.

With your concern about " my store has slowed way down", I would love to clarify that you mean the app runs slowly when using, is that correct? If the concern is about technical issue, we are sorry if you meet any inconvenience. We hope you can chat with us through chat box in your app account, or send directly email to us via We will solve your issue instantly.

Secondly, thank you for your mention about Carro, we have search it and we understand this app is work as a "bridge" to connect Shopify merchant's and influencers. In fact, Carro and UpPromote work in 2 different ways. While Carro helps you find influencers to promote your shop, UpPromote will help you track and manage all referral orders recorded from ambassadors/ influencers links or coupon, track their performance. For this reason, you will see that UpPromote develop many features to support you in tracking and monitoring. For example: 

The referral list will contain the essential information to help you view/check that order: Order ID (order number), total sales, affiliate name, commission, order details,... You can click on the order ID to view that order immediately on your Shopify Admin. Or to quickly view order information, click View detail icon to see a breakdown of the commission calculation. You can also add a comment on the referral for yourself or your affiliate. After reviewing the order, you can approve or deny it in order to move to the next step. Plus, in case you find manually approving each referral order is time-consuming, feel free to enable auto-approve referral.

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Furthermore, UpPromote helps to report your affiliate performance with details of affiliate clicks, or sales via in-app analytic tools.

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In addition, we also develop different features to help build and expand your affiliate team, such as Auto-tier commission, Multi-level Marketing, setting different commission programs with different commission structure, auto-discount for customers when using affiliate link, etc. So you can think UpPromote support mainly in tracking and taking care your affiliate team.

So I think that you can use both apps, one to recruit qualified affiliates/ influencers (Carro app), and one to track and manage them (UpPromote). I believe that these 2 apps will work together, support each other, and help to push up your sales conversion.

I hope my recommendation is useful for you. And good luck with your business. Don't forget to contact us if you need any assistance when using our app.


All the bests,

UpPromote: Afiliate Marketing