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Cartmate - Mobile App Builder review

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Hello, everyone! My name is Paul and I'm developer in Cartmate

Do you know that 78% of ecommerce store traffic is on mobile?

Your store still doesn't have a mobile app? 

Are you mobile ready?

We know that the process of creating mobile sales channel is surrounded by a number of myths about its inaccessibility and complexity. It is time-consuming, thousands of dollars and requires special programming. The result? Many businesses make many costly decisions for creating their Shopify store in a mobile app. We are against all that!

You no longer need to create an app of your own to sell goods on mobile devices. The platform allows you to use our mobile app with OUR shoppers as YOUR mobile sales channel like if you are using your own application. Add your store to the Cartmate app and start selling today! It's that easy!

Most app development takes 1-4 months. With our ready-to-launch solution, your store will appear in the AppStore & Google Play Store in minutes. All you need to do is install Cartmate. That’s it. Why hassle with the initial requirements needed for the app stores? With Cartmate, you're a click away.

Having trouble with the app, want to report a bug, have an idea for new features, want to say 'Hi'? We’d love to hear from you! Please, contact us:




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