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hlo, i want to change my store currency (pkr to Usd) but it is not showing option to change currency . 

kindly solve my issue 

thank you .

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Hello @hamza00007,


Welcome to Shopify Community!


Your store currency is the currency that is used in your Shopify admin. It's the currency that you price your products in and that's used in your reports. Changing your store currency might affect your reports.


If your store has already made sales, then you need to contact Shopify Support to change your store currency.


Changing your store currency also changes your primary market because your primary market is determined by your store currency. Learn more about changes to your primary market when you change your store currency.


You can view and change your store currency from the Store currency section of the Store details settings page.



  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Store details.

  2. In the Store currency section, select your new store currency from the list. If you aren't able to select a new currency, then you need to contact Shopify Support to change your store currency.

  3. Click Save.



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To change your store currency (i.e., the one in which your customers transact),

Go to your store admin > Settings > General and scroll down to the Store currency section. 

If you haven't made any sales yet, you can still change your currency and simply select it from the dropdown.




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Hello, @hamza00007.

Thanks for posting! The store's selling currency can be changed in your Admin by going to Settings > General and scrolling to the bottom of the page. Once you have your first order - whether it's a test order or a real order - your store currency will be locked. We've implemented this feature to avoid any errors in reporting, as changing your currency will impact your Analytics among other areas of your store. We can still help you unlock the currency options after a sale but this does require reaching out to our live support team. Our live support can be reached via our support portal here. Simply select the relevant topics until the live support options appear, you will then be connected to a live support agent.

Before proceeding with a currency change, I'd like to clarify what the main impacts are to ensure you're properly aware of any potential areas you need to be aware of for your account:

  • Reporting: Our reporting doesn't factor in the difference between currencies. That is, it doesn't convert the original currency amount to the new currency amount. When you switch currencies the amount shown will not accurately reflect the value. If you had $500 USD processed, that would show as $500 in reports. If you decide to switch to CAD, the report would still read as $500 for previous processing. Since $500 CAD is not equal to $500 USD, the reports, in theory, will be wrong going forward.

    This can be managed by setting a Date range to your reports to exclude any transactions that might've been processed in a different currency before the specific date of the currency switch.


  • Pricing: Similarly to reporting, your product pricing won't be converted to reflect the same currency value. If your product was priced at $20 USD before you switching to CAD currency, your product will be priced $20 CAD which is not equal to $20 USD. Refunds processed after a currency change will also be affected by the currency change.

    Product pricing can be managed by editing a product's pricing manually. If you have a lot of products, you may want to use the Bulk editor to edit product pricing.


  • Apps: Some apps might have limitations when it comes to changing your store's selling currency.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding how changing your store selling currency will affect your apps, you'll need to reach out to the app developer for support prior to changing your selling currency.

  • Gift cards: Any gift cards that have a remaining balance in the old selling currency will not work once you've switched to a new currency.

    This can be managed by issuing a free gift card at the same balance value in your new currency.



  • Other: You may also want to review any of your pages, product descriptions, etc. for currency information that may need to be adjusted.

I trust this helps, Hamza. Thank you!

Ivy | Social Care @ Shopify

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