Re: Change the dicital product name when the product is part of a bundle

Change the dicital product name when the product is part of a bundle

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I sell digital files (PDFs) in my Shopify shop. I have created a few new products that are part of a bundle. I have sold the bundle already to quite a few customers and now I have come to a second thought of the name of one of the original individual product. The digital files are evolving documents and I need to update and send the new file for the customers.

If I change the product name, will the digital files still be updated for the existing customers?

If I change the product name, will it cause any troubles and challenges for the bundle and the bundle customers? Will they still get the new file as usually?


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@Arteeni As I understand it, if you change the product name, it will not have any effect on new customers, because they have not used or experienced the product.
For old customers, I think they will have some trouble with the name and need an email notifying them of this name change to avoid causing misunderstandings.

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New customers wouldn't be a problem in deed, and notifying existing customers is not a problem neither. I just wan't to make it sure the update mails for the digital files will work and that it wouldn't have any effects to existing customers on bundler. 

Maybe I just try it with test products 🙂

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Hi @Arteeni ,


Could you share which bundle app you are currently using for the setup?

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