Changes included in the 2023-04 Shopify API

Changes included in the 2023-04 Shopify API

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Hi there,

I'm Sergej from Logeecom, the team behind the Packlink integration for Shopify. Our team have been checking out the changes coming with the 2023-04 API version.

We spotted this new "current_total_additional_fees_set" field in the Order object that's supposed to handle additional fees. We're excited about using it in our Packlink plugin. However, we're hitting a roadblock in trying to actually add this fee to orders in our shop.

We've tried multiple ways – creating orders with different addresses, testing out plugins like MW UpCharge and CHARGIFY, and even attempting to attach the fee using the Update Order API endpoint. The "current_total_additional_fees_set" field wasn't added to the order.

According to Shopify's API docs, it should be possible to have multiple fees with different currencies within "current_total_additional_fees_set," but since we can not even add this field to the order, we can not verify this ourselves. We need to know how to reproduce adding these fields to the Shopify order in order to be able to perform valid tests.

Any help or insights you can provide would be awesome!


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