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Cheapest way to offer wholesale discounts with customized shipping costs

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I'm loving the simplicity of Shopify, but after a few days in I can't believe Shopify doesn't have features that are integral for online retailers. One such feature is selling wholesale, as in selling products at a wholesale discount for a specific customer group. 

One hack that partially resolves this is to create a permanent discount for the retailer so they can make the order themselves while getting their wholesale discount. However, like many stores, we offer free shipping when a customer buys a certain amount of product. This free shipping option shouldn't be available for our retailers but we're unable to turn it off for the wholesale customer group, giving our retailers free shipping when they purchase multiple products (which they always do).

Has anyone found a work-around for this?

I know there are apps that do this but I'm not going to pay $24.00 per month just to have a feature that is obviously integral for store owners. At least give us a way to stack discounts together so the platform is more flexible and further hacks can be made (since key features are not available).

Any suggestions is appreciated.

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There are quite a few merchants that say it's unbelievable Shopify doesn't do [insert functionality here]. The team at Shopify does their best to satisfy most requirements, while building a great platform for 3rd party developers to support even more requirements, such as yours.

Imagine a customer coming to your shop and saying "It's unbelievable you don't have this shirt in orange color!".

We'd like to followup with you, and maybe provide a cheaper solution (but not free) to satisfy your need. How can we contact you?


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Hi there,

in case you're still looking for the perfect solution - 

Wholesale Bear supports custom shipping rates for wholesale customers.

In addition, it includes the following feature set:

  • Wholesale pricing based on customers tags
  • Net terms orders
  • Custom shipping rates
  • Discount rounding
  • Target specific countries
  • Pricing time limits
  • Tax exempt
  • Analytics

PS - we're offering 1000 FREE FOR LIFE subscriptions to celebrate our launch month (yes, that's $0 for a subscription).


Customer Success @ Conversion Bear