checkout ip country blocking privacy data cost?

checkout ip country blocking privacy data cost?

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We are having our contact page spammed and tons of fake customers opening accounts, not necessarily for marketing materials. Generally they are "first last" name without capitals like normally would be "First Last". The email addresses are always format. Many IP's are coming from France. We can only see IP address if they place an order.


I'm not sure why fraud prevention tools aren't built in to shopify. Bit ridiculous.


The spammers start new accounts, had a handful place tiny orders which we caught and refunded. Too many of these or if something is missed and you get chargebacks you are in hot water with your credit card processor. Unfortunately shopify doesn't like our products so we use moneris, so that also limits fraud tools. 😕 They are all stolen credit cards including legit CVV's.


Anyhow I've looked at about 4 different country IP blocker apps and each one's privacy policy basically takes your personal info and all your customer's personal info, cookies, etc for 3rd party marketing purposes. What's more insulting is they want you to pay for that!


So... is there a checkout filtering rules app that doesn't sell everything you own to google and works effectively? I need to stop these spammers.


Ideally could just use an IP blocker for people ordering so someone with a non-usa or non-Canada IP would be blocked. Don't want to block the site from France for instance.




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