Checkout System disabled: Merchant's trial period expired.

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yesterday I used the developer tools just to fill up some data and test it on one of my development shops and now I see this message "Checkout System disabled: Merchant's trial period expired."

Is it related and how I can fix it back?

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I am facing the same issue on my affiliate account.

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Since dev stores are for testing/dev they have a limited amount of orders that can be placed through them. Any limit you'd be seeing will be intentional.

If for some reason you need to increase your limit so you can run a few more tests, try talking to your partner manager. If you don't have a PM give the Shopify Support crew a shout to see if they can assist.


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This is what my account and not a trial version: -

When I check out I am getting the error message " 

Oops, something went wrong.

What happened?
Checkout System disabled: Merchant's trial period expired.
What can I do?
Request ID: e951c628-fe1f-4eef-adc9-bf993ef24098
Please help me to resolve this issue
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Thank you for the quick response, Jason.

I just created a single order and for next order, it shows me this error. There are several other dev stores I have created from my store but never faced this issue. Is it something random which shut down the checkout for a store?