Re: Checkout ui extension not displayed after deployment

Checkout ui extension not displayed after deployment

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Expected behavior

i have deployed my app on heroku and then i deployed extension with cli command "npm run deploy" and create a version on partner dashbord , then i expected my extension will integrate with checkout page
Ps: the extension runs well locally

Actual behavior

after doing all those steps my extension wont appeared on checkout page

Reproduction steps

  1. run "npm run shopify app generate extension"
  2. update extension folders
  3. run "npm run dev "to make sure that works fine
  4. run "npm run deploy"
  5. create a version of app extension on partnre dashbord
  6. deploy my web app on heroku
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We have the same issue - extension working fine locally testing via ngrok - but we cannot get our checkout extension to display... I have contacted support and am hoping for some help from them but have been waiting a week now...


Did you find a way to fix it?

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Did you manage to fix it?

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I've had a similar experience, I'm tasked with creating a checkui extension for a client but I work as part of a team, we have multiple people that would like to review and sign off on extensions before they get published to their store? It looks like checkout ui development tooling is geared toward the lone development? I've published a copy of the app to a server running with Nginx, I then locally authenticated on behalve of the deployed app, I was able to publish the extension and enabled it for preview. When I go through the checkout process on our UAT store it looks like the store is trying to load the extension from cloudflare rather then the configured app URL running on a fixed domain on NGINX?

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Hello, I am also facing the same issue I created a UI extension using Shopify CLI, and it is working fine locally but the problem is the same as you, it is trying to access the previous Cloudflare URL until I select the extension from this options preview link(refer image), only then the cloud flare URL is updating. Due to this, it is not working when deploying. Do you know how to solve this?



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Pretty obvious but this one had me scratching my head for about 20 mins. Did you add the app block to your custom checkout after deploying? I completely forgot and was foiled.

a little of this and a little of that

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For anyone who finds this and had the same problem I did: 

The thing that worked for me was going to my App in the Partner Dashboard, selecting Extensions, and enabling Development Store Preview.