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I went to a website and I saw this section where it says 'why choose us' and I really like the idea.

So if anyone knows the name of the app 

Please let me know


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Also interested.  I've seen this on a few checkouts myself.  Not sure if I just add a link to the scripts area of checkout to include a banner?

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Hey ,


You can create this but will take a little bit of html and javascript. Within your checkout.liquid you can target that part of the page or where ever you want to place the "why choose us" section by using javascript like this 



 (function($) {
        // if customer is in the contact information section of checkout process
        if (Shopify.Checkout.step === 'contact_information') {
          $(document).on('page:load page:change', function() {



this would target the order summary section just below the total amount section and appends a 'cta' which is just a variable containing your html like this 


     var cta = `
				  <section class="wcu">
					<span class="wcu-title">Why choose us?</span>
				    <div class="icon">


after doing that you should see the why choose us title below your "total amount" section on your checkout page then all thats left is styling the section as you want and adding icons and whatever else that makes your checkout unique. hope this helps!

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Hi, Thomas,

Thank you for your code,

my theme is debutify, I don't have checkout. liquid

Could you please go into more detail? Because I don't know anything about code, but I would love to add 'why choose us'  checkout

Thanks again!

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Only Shopify plus merchants have access to their checkout I suppose, sorry for the confusion. In this case you can use an app from the Shopify App Store!