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Hi, I'm building a store and I'm looking for an app that will allow me to offer multiple prices for the same product. My idea is that customers can choose to pay a high, medium or low price for the item. 

An example would be this: The item for sale is a t-shirt. The product listing shows the t-shirt and three prices $10 , $12 and $14 the customer can then click the price they want to pay and continue to the cart. 


I want to link the sales price to how much the person making the item gets paid. 


Everlane used to offer this type of pricing for sales. 

I've seen this called - pick your pricing or choose your price. It isn't where the customer can enter any price or make an offer. 

Does anyone know of an app that can help? Thank you!  

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Hi @SparklingEchoSh,

You might not need an app for this. You can simply create your price options using the default Shopify options and variants feature. This way, customers can select a variant with a specific price directly on the product page and place the order.

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