CLI 3 migration: schema error in shopify.web.toml

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Attempting to migrate app and app-extension. Getting error ... What does this mean, which line is the error on, what can/must I do?  Thanks!  jb




! Fix a schema error in shopify.web.toml:
"code": "invalid_type",
"expected": "object",
"received": "undefined",
"path": [
"message": "Required"



shopify.web.toml looks like this:


type = "frontend"
name = "sdapp6"
scopes = "write_products,write_customers,write_draft_orders"
dev = "npm run dev"


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I have the same sort of error but my app is a brand new scaffold produced by shopify cli.  Lame that it doesn't work out of the box for me.  Shopify, you need to fix your software.


Anyway, I was able to solve my error by looking at your older toml format.  I had to add the "type" entry which was missing by default.  Maybe you can solve yours by looking at my new toml format:


type = ["frontend", "backend"]
name = "remix"
roles = ["frontend", "backend"]
webhooks_path = "/webhooks"

dev = "npm exec remix dev"

http_paths = ["/ping"]