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Client wants a custom order form to create bespoke products and check out customers all in one

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Hello!  Though I've designed quite a few websites for clients, I'm not familiar with Shopify and am having a bit of trouble parsing through the features and app options.  Let me explain what I'm trying to accomplish:

I have a client whose business has some consistent products and collections, but primarily fulfills bespoke orders based on customer requests.  She has been selling through Instagram very unofficially and I began building her a site on Wix, but she wants me to look into transferring over to Shopify.

Essentially, they sell candles, and want a page where customers can choose options from several modifiers (for instance - choosing different options for scent, size, color, vessel type) to create a custom candle.  Some requirements the client expressed would be: text fields the customer can fill out, and the ability to turn the order immediately into a transaction which can proceed to checkout without it having to bounce back to the owner before being fulfilled.  She also mentioned being able to upload image examples of certain modifiers (like the candle vessels) would be very helpful.

I'm not sure if such a thing exists as an app or if it would take some heavier duty development, so I figured I would ask here first.  Thanks in advance!

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi, @killjeats!

Welcome to the Shopify Community! Thanks for reaching out about this. There are different apps that could help you achieve what your client is looking for on Shopify. As it sounds like you've already figured out, this wouldn't be possible without the use of an app, or some heavy custom coding. Here are a few app recommendations: 

Let us know how looking into these options goes. Do you have any other questions about getting started with Shopify? We have lots of help documentation, courses, and resources that are great for learning. Let us know if you have any other questions!

Hilary | Community Manager @ Shopify 
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