Collating total fulfillment needed for delivery

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I'm running an online store and my customers are able to pick their delivery dates.

I've came across delivery apps but I haven't found one that can help me collate the total products and their quantities needed to fulfil a day's total deliveries. 

Product 1a (10g) x 10

Product 1b (20g) x 5

Product 1c (50g) x 5

Product 2a (10g) x 10

Product 2b (20g) x 10

Product 2c (50g) x 5


Rather than...

Order #1001 

Product 1a (10g) x 5

Product 2b (20g) x 10

Product 2c (50g) x 3


Order #1002

Product 1a (10g) x 5

Product 1b (20g) x 3

Product 1c (50g) x 4

Product 2a (10g) x 5

Product 2c (50g) x 2

Order #1003

Product 1b (20g) x 2

Product 1c (50g) x 1

Product 2a (10g) x 5

Any suggestions would be appreciated 🙂 


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Hi mrfarmersg,

Our app, Local Delivery Routes Planner, does this. At the bottom of every route generated is an inventory you can use as a packing list.


We are a 2x Shopify Staff Pick and have 14-day free trials and plans to support delivery business of all sizes. Please try us out!

You can learn more and see videos of how it works at

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