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Is there any app that sorts the collection by best-selling products from any given time period in the past?


I am looking for this application because I believe that CVRs would improve if the collections were arranged in a way that reflected a higher conversion rate and seasonality. 

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Hi @Taka_f,


This is Kate from PageFly - Landing Page Builder App. 


I see you are looking for an app/ solution to sort the collection by best-selling products from any given time period in the past. To my knowledge, there is no automatical way to sort as you want just having Change the sort order for the products in a collection and using Best selling option like the help article here 


Moreover, you can use Shopify analytics to see which order of your best sellers.


You can also consult this app Collection Page Merchandising by SearchTap.


Hope my answer will be helpful for you.


Warm regards,

Kate | PageFly Team

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Thank you @PageFly-Kate! "Collection Page Merchandising" might be a good one to try.


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Hi @Taka_f ,

Julia from Mipler: Advanced Custom Reports is here.

With our application, you are able to get a report that sorts the collection by best-selling products. Contains basic indicators such as Net Amount, Number of Orders, etc. It will help you find out which collection is selling best.

You can also select any time period for any of your reports and have them automatically sent directly to the supplier's email.

I highly recommend that you install the Advanced Custom Reports application and start your free 7-day trial.

Please feel free to contact me, I will be happy to help you.

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Thank you guys. As a result, the "Bestsellers reSort" App was the most suitable for me.

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Hi @Taka_f you can check out Dhatma for this, if you still have the need The app provides in-depth analysis of your products, collections and more, to help you understand their performance to the smallest detail. You can see views and impressions for each, for example. Here's the demo if you wanna have a better look. Hope this helps 🙂