Combining Multiple SKUs in 'one product'

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Hey All,


I have this product with independent color options, meaning the color of an individual part can be changed without affecting the rest of the product. Right now I only have 2 configurable parts, with 2 options each - for a total of 4 combinations. My warehouse staff will then assemble them in to 1 product before shipping.


What I'd like is to store the configurable parts as separate SKUs in my warehouse, then create a single product page where you can configure your product. When you click add to cart, it automatically adds the combination of SKUs to cart. When the order is placed - my warehouse staff can then assemble it in to 1 single product.


Does anyone have any suggestions for a solution or App that can solve this?



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Hi Audun


This is a common one for our clients as they need to send the correct SKUs to their warehouses but use bundles in Shopify.


Our bundle app lets you create virtual bundles so they work as a normal product in Shopify and checkout. After the bundle is purchased we unbundle orders made for a bundled product into the component SKUs. This way the order lines are only for components and can be fulfilled as per normal. 


In your scenario you would assign the components to each variation option for the product.


We also have the additional option of updating the inventory of bundles based on the component stock level. So if you have the same SKU across multiple bundles it will update all bundles inventory level.


If you would like the buyer to see all the components in checkout then you would have to use a theme based bundle solution. Note that these will let your buyer remove SKUs from the checkout before they pay.


If you need help in testing or setting up please get in touch or check our guide:





Bundleup - bundle your products and unbundle your orders.
Channelup is a product data management solution helping Shopify stores automate their processes.
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This looks like exactly what I needed, I'll give it a try!

Thanks a lot, Tom!


Take care,