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I am considering using the gold price live app.

What is your experience?

I can get metals quotes for my website from maybe 10 different sources yet what appeals to me about gold price live is the ability to price bids and asks on bullion products with a percentage or fixed dollar premium over the melt value.


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I think that nowadays, a lot of people forget about how power can be gold. It's one of the most stable things in which people can invest their money. I think that in a few years, the price of gold will be much higher than now, so I'm the perfect moment to invest. I invest in gold since 2019, and from that time, I have already made a very nice profit. I am guided by the guys from I work with them also since 2019, and I can say that they are true experts in this domain. I am pretty sure that in 2022 the price of gold will be 300% higher than now.