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Hi, I am starting a custom computer building company, and as part of my business, I want to allow customers to custom design their own computer by selecting from a list of parts with images. I have been looking for a bit, but I would love if someone could recommend me a Shopify app/tool/feature that would allow me to do this. 


I would want the app to adjust an image based on what a customer selects (ex. user selects a particular case by clicking on the name, and the preview adjusts based on the selection. It would also be great to be able to have basic conditional logic for the options.


Please, if you have ANY idea or suggestion, please let me know by replying to this thread, it would help greatly to hear from anyone, really!

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Hi @SoaringPC , 

You could definitely build a great computer configurator, give your customers a product preview and update the pricing dynamically with MyCustomizer.

Take a look at this client who is selling customizable keyboards with MyCustomizer :

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 Hello @SoaringPC

I am still not clear about your query. Do you want your customer to choose the parts according to their need or a design lab where they can add design to the parts?

If you want to add your computer parts as your variants and let your customer choose their preferable one from the product page then you can use MultiVariants - Bulk order. Add the different parts of your computer as variants of your product and those variants will come up on your product page with the picture that you have added in your Shopify products variants. From the product page, your customer will be able to choose their preferable parts and buy those parts.

Here is a Demo Product attached for your better understanding. If you click on the picture you will see a bigger picture will come to your display.


But if you want a design lab where your customer can add custom designs then you can use INKYBAY. There you will find customization tools to design it the way your customer wants.

Also, this application has tons of features like Inventory Management, Predefined templates, Product Options Etc.

Here is a Demo Product for your better understanding.

Multivariants Bulk Order AppMultivariants Bulk Order App


Product Customization App, customize different partProduct Customization App, customize different part


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Hi @SoaringPC - I have this exact same need with customers selecting a list of compatible parts. How did you solve this?




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Hi there,


We build a similar requirement for customer and specific for custom PC builder