Re: Conditional logic based on Shopify variants?

Conditional logic based on Shopify variants?

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Hi there,


I'm realizing that my product option needs may just be too complex for Shopify. I've been playing with 'Infinite Options' and 'Product Customizer', but they can't quite do what I need it seems.  I have an art gallery that is predominantly photography, so some products all have the following options: Size (5-9 options), substrate (3 options with different price points), mounts (with different options based on the substrate selected, all with different prices based on size), framing (with different frames by substrate and different prices by size), and a couple of simple options.


Example with just one size:


12x18 aluminum with float mount $199

12x18 aluminum with inset metal mount $225

12x18 aluminum with exhibit mount $265

12x18 aluminum with various frame options (8 options) $399

(Also all with the option of high-gloss or mid-gloss)


12x18 lumachrome with roma mount $499

12x18 lumachrome with roma frame (half a dozen options for frame and two colors of mat) $949

(All with an optional anti-glare acrylic upgrade)


As you can see, it's a lot of options. I would like to have drop downs that walk through the options in a way that's not too overhwelming. Perhaps something along these lines:


1) Size

2) Substrate (with some conditions removing really large sizes from certain substrates)

3) Mount (with conditions to only show ones applicable to that substrate). This charge varies based on size.

4) Frame (with conditions to show only if selected above as well as only options that are available for that substrate). This charge also varies based on size.

5) Extra (with conditions to again only show appropriate for substrate). Again, charge varies depending on size.


If it's possible to have images change to show and help explain these options as they go along, that would be really great. It could be used as a selling tool here in the gallery, as well as make it obviously much better for closing those add-ons themselves.


I would like for the base price at the top from Shopify's native variants to be as close as possible. 'Product Customizer' works well if you JUST use it, but then the artwork price ends up at the bottom of the screen and it says $0.00 at the top. Fairly un-intuitive for a shopper. I'd love to be able to select as many options as possible with the native variants (which is limited to 3), does that make sense? Seems like only one though, as it can't do conditional logic. Alternately, is there an app that will properly update the price at the top of the screen?


If anyone has any thoughts on good apps to try I'd really appreciate it! Sorry if I'm not explaining myself clearly, brain is fried from trying to figure this out all day.


If it's possible but needs to be something custom made, I'm open to that as well. Please reach out for that if so!







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We offer a Custom Product Options app you may want to consider:


You can load the options in accordions so you can break it down into sections to help keep the page looking organized.

By default, the app doesn't update the products price but shows the upcharge seperately. We have a tutorial on how to update the price instead of showing the additional cost seperate, we'd be happy to help you add this if you decide to try our app:


You can see our app in action at our example store:

W3trends is one of the leading app developers in the Shopify ecosystem. We can handle anything E-commerce or App related for your business. Feel free to message me if you need any work done!
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Thanks so much, looks promising! I'll install it now and check it out, appreciate it!

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I'm new to shopify so just finding my way around and I wonder if your app could help?   My issue is this.. I make bespoke jewellery, so for example I may have a pair of earrings.  They are a one off but I offer different earring hooks, eg silver plated or sterling silver and the price is different depending on what is selected. At the moment all I seem to be able to do is add both as variants, but then it looks like I have one of each in stock, so the customer could technically add a pair of silver plated earrings and a pair of sterling silver earrings, which means they've ordered 2 pairs when I only have one in stock.  Sorry, that was a bit long winded but I just can't seem to get past what should be a simple thing to do?  TIA

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Hey, I'm not the app person but I am using their app and found it to work really well for my needs. Try it out!

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Hey, thank you


I have tried it out and it's a little cumbersome but yes it works!  The only issue I have now is that it doesn't integrate with instagram and facebook shopping, so the customer can buy direct from instagram, check out without having the option to make the appropriate selection..

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How do you deal with the additional product options not appearing when you go to print out the invoice on Order Printer??

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You should try ZEPTO PRODUCT PERSONALIZER, it is the best app for when you have many differente options. 

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Hi Lyle,

I recommend trying Kickflip to create a product customizer. With an intuitive and elegant interface, your customers will be able to visualize endless product variants. Also, Kickflip offers Conditional Logic, which enables you to offer an efficient customization workflow based on your clients' choices.

I encourage you to check out our Youtube channel to see the platform in action. You can even try it for free by creating your account here.

Do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions!

The Kickflip Team

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Unlike most product options apps our app Variant Option Product Options works with your Shopify Options to style them and also you can add more options in our app.


We also have code to hide sold out or unavailable Shopify variants. Just send us an email. 

We built Variant Option Product Options and 7 years ago.
We are always updating our app to fit our customers needs and have over 18k active users. 









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