Connecting Domain to Search Console

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I just migrated from Wordpress to Shopify. My domain is already verified, so when I went into Google Search Console, I didn't get the HTML tag - (I went to my host DNS & found it and add it in my code as directed. When I'm in Search Console, it shows my domain still connected to Wordpress (??? why would that be??)


So, a couple of questions - do I delete the domain and try to reconnect it? (I've had the domain and an existing site for several years). Is it an issue because I still have an SSL certificate with the host & haven't transferred the domain to Shopify? My current pages aren't indexing - I tried to generate a sitemap after adding the code, but I'm not sure it's working - when I do a URL inspection of one of my products, it says URL is not listed on Google. 

In Shopify it shows that my regular domain (with no prefix) and also just are connected. The http:// and https:// aren't listed (should they be?)  Any insight is appreciated. Thanks!

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