Connecting Etsy and sync orders

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I would like to connect my Etsy account to my Shopify. I saw that many apps exist, but, I want to get my Etsy order within my Shopify orders, since my orders are sent to another app, that manages stock, orders, and send them to the logistic company.

Do you have any clue?

Thank you 🙂

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Does anyone have an answer?

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Hello  @AlKukrapok18 

I hope you are good!

As you stated that you are having issues with your order syncing on your Shopify and Etsy store.

We get you; bulk uploading gets quite a task and even more complex for simultaneous multi-channel upload. 

Here we have Etsy Marketplace Integrations App to help you through hassle-free.


Let us understand its benefits in brief so that you can optimize your store more efficiently :


1)Orders updated with a click, which pretty much solves your primary concern regarding order updates.

2)No delay in processes, effective synchronization of orders from your Shopify store to your Etsy store, in real-time.

3)Changes in product or inventory? No problem either. Delete them in one click.

4)Global selling is not a task anymore! With multi-currency and multi-language support options, this problem is solved too.

5)And a major advantage is their 7-day free trial.


These are just some key points from all the advantages that this application holds, so get on board and discover other features.

Hope this answer suffices your query well.

Have a great time selling on Etsy.


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Hello @AlKukrapok18 

Hope you are doing good.

Shoplist provides Real time Order sync, where your Etsy orders automatically creates within Shopify orders and also manage stock.

Start a free trial and also try other features in Etsy Integration-Shoplist app.

Kindly reach out us for further queries. 

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It doesn't seem that orders arrive in Shopify orders, with this app..
My orders are sent to another app that sent them to logistics, so I really need them to be in Shopify orders