Connecting our third party app to custom themes customer can use

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Dear community, 


Recently we, as a company that collects reviews for its customers, have developed an app for Shopify. With this app a customer can connect their Shopify environment easily with our system to invite the people that have completed a purchase and that way ask them to review, and to show reviews that have been collected with us. But we have noticed that the showing of reviews doesn’t work on all themes. It seems to me that custom themes (not made by Shopify) can’t or won’t show widgets from us. That’s why I call them custom themes.

We have made a placeholder in our plugin that a merchant can paste in their website, but the placeholder itself is shown on the front of this website. The widget doesn’t appear. Unless I change to a theme that has been made by Shopify, then there’s no problem.


Is something missing in the custom themes that Shopify does add to its own themes to show, in this case, third party widgets? What could we tell these customers that are using a custom theme?

Is there some sort of documentation that we can share with them or their developers to let them know ‘just add these placeholders or items to code of the theme and then we add our widgets’.

As you can imagine an important part of collecting reviews is showing them as well.


Looking forward to your or any reply that can guide use more into this issue.





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