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Hi all,

We have been trying to find a solution for our local pick up offer but have yet to find an app of native settings that will allow for what we want. We have the following need:

- Currently we have 5 locations which all fulfil online orders through multichannel fulfilment. Often a single order is fulfilled via 2 - 3 locations.

- We do offer local pick up at some locations however this option only displays on checkout if the item is available in store. ie. If a customer wanted to pick it up at their local store but it is not in stock, local pick up at their local store won't display upon check out.

- We can not have all items in stock at all locations as some of our stores are small and we have over 2000 lines.

- What we are wanting is for a customer to be able to purchase all items and select their nominated pick up store. Then we could consolidate items across our locations and transfer the whole order to the nominated pick up location and notify the customer of the order being ready for pick up.

Does anyone know of a suitable app or are we able to commission a developer to work on a solution?



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Hey Jason!


looks like your looking to build a way to consolidate cart items of 1 single order from multiple locations (stores / warehouses) and then have it shipped into 1 pickup location that customer chooses.


Ive built something like this before and would love to talk more.


email me here:

P.s I’m based in Toronto (EST time zone)

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Hi, you could use Packeta and our app Zásilkovna | Packeta for the integration. 😄

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