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Cost effective app for B2C Staff Commissions?

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Looking for an alternative app.

Currently been using the app Refersion for a combination of these features below:
- Its used for our in house, staff sales person > 10% of profit after product cost > This works primarily by discount code and occasionally link. This is B2C mainly phone transactions, so rather frequent.
- Customer referral program, share link the customer gets $10 from their purchase and their friend saves $10 as well. < There is lots of people who register, but not many actually result in sales.
- Affiliates 15% of profit after product cost > Using links and discount code.

Cost wise for these features we're paying $129+ USD a month. (more if their commission fees go above that minimum)

The issue is that it, pretty all of our actual use of the app is just one staff member that is receiving commissions, no one else 98% of the time. So it doesn't make sense to have an app costing that much for only one staff member.

Anyone got any recommendations?

I was thinking perhaps I could find 2 separate apps that target both staff and affiliate based commissions separately perhaps, if that works.

Either way I'm open ears.

Thanks for the help

- Ash (on Brian's Account)

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Hey Ash,

In Staffy you can calculate commissions automatically based on specific products and orders.

Feel free to ping me if you have any questions!



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