Re: Create section in customer account- calendar/ event reminders

Create section in customer account- calendar/ event reminders

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Can I have some advice on how to create a section on my Shopify website that enables my customers to be able to create personal occasions/ reminders on their account, for example, birthdays, mothers day etc which would then send an SMS or email reminder which would then prompt them to buy of the products I sell (cupcakes). 

I don't know if this would be an app I would have to install?


Thank you in advance,


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Hi, just wondering how you got along with this one?

Looking for something similar. 

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Never received a response unfortunately 😩 please let me know if you figure it out 😁

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With the app in my signature you can create custom forms to collect additional data from your customers, like an array of special dates. All data is stored in Shopify customer metafields, where you can use it to segment and email your customers.


Ideally you'd also want to have a marketing app that is able to work with these 'date' customer metafields, to send the emails automatically. We don't know much about apps that can do this actually.


If you want to try to do it manually then we have this article that you may want to check.

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