Creating a multi-vendor marketplace website.

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Question for Shopify Community:

I'm in the process of creating a multi-vendor marketplace website, and I have some specific requirements:

1. Need to provide dashboards for 100+ vendors.
2. Require synchronization between my vendors' stores and my store.
3. Automation for commission calculation.
4. Vendors should be able to upload products from their individual dashboards.
5. Integration with multiple shipping providers.

After researching various apps like and other multi-vendor apps, it seems that Shipturtle aligns well with my business needs. The app boasts positive reviews on Shopify, offering features such as shipping integration with 200+ carriers, vendor store synchronization, order routing, and more. The UI/UX and customer support also appear superior compared to other apps.

Now, I'm on the lookout for a Shopify development agency that can assist me in building the Shopify store while implementing Shipturtle to enable multi-vendor functionality. I would greatly appreciate any references from those who have experience in building multi-vendor marketplace websites on Shopify. Thank you!

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Hi @Mirza_akib 

thanks for your detailed requirement and research on Shipturtle. I represent, please write to and we will be glad to link you with a few of our partner agencies.