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Creating a Public App That Opens Pop Up

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Going through the docs has made me extremely confused. I want to create an app like this app :

I know I must create a public app, but I don't know how to add the code that renders a pop up in the users' stores.


I saw something in the BETA program that allowed adding snippets, but that got removed two days ago and we don't know if/when it will go live.

I was wondering what other people used to create such apps.

I read about the Shopify App Bridge, but that seems to only allow rendering in the Shopify Admin section and not the online store itself.


I would appreciate it if someone pointed me in the right direction for doing so.


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Hi @farzad,

You'll need to take a look at Script Tags.

A script tag adds yourJavaScript file to the storefront asynchronously on page load.

Good luck with your app development!


Asa @ Appifiny

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