Creating a Sales Channel App as a 3rd Party

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I would like to create a public app which allows merchants to sync products to another platform and import the orders back to Shopify.

This would be a classic Sales Channel App, however, I cannot fulfill the requirement
"You need to own and operate the destination or platform where products are sold."
as I am a third party and not the owner of the platform.

I have noticed that in the Shopify App Store there are several apps, which function as sales channel, but are not "Sales Channel Apps".
Examples include:
- Etsy Marketplace Integration by CedCommerce -
- Walmart Integration by CedCommerce -
- eBay Connect by inkFrog, Inc -

Is there a way for me to create a regular public app (and not a Sales Channel App) which has similar functionality?
What information do I have to include in the app review process?


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Would it be possible if the app is kept unlisted?