Creating a Shopify App for my SaaS customers

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Hello everyone,


I'm the founder of Journalist AI.
We offer automation tools for business owners that own blogs.

We do offer an integration with Shopify, but the guidelines at the moment is for the user to create a custom app and copy-paste the api key into our software.

We're planning on creating a Shopify App to make this process easier. So I'm wondering if this would be accepted as a public app in the marketplace. Basically a very simple app that the only functionality would be to connect with Journalist AI. So, no fancy UX, just a bridge to establish a connection with Journalist.

Technically speaking, this is doable. I'm just wondering about Shopify Policy, and whether this can go into the public marketplace.



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Hi Afonso,

That sounds like a great initiative! Simplifying the integration process for users is crucial for a seamless experience. Considering your concerns about Shopify's policies, it's always a good idea to ensure compliance before rolling out any new app.


In the context of your Journalist AI integration, have you considered leveraging the capabilities of our Shopify app, "Gorilla Content Protector"? Our app serves as a robust content protection solution, designed to secure your valuable blog content from unauthorized access and distribution.


Gorilla Content Protector seamlessly integrates with various third-party applications, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users like yourself. It can not only safeguard your blog content but also streamline the connection process with platforms like Journalist AI. By ensuring the security of your content, the app can help you focus more on creating engaging and valuable blog posts without worrying about unauthorized usage.