Creating a specific Bundle type with or without an App

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Hello there

I've got a Shopify Store with multiple products (so many products, haha), and I'm trying to create a bundle like
" ANY X + ANY Y = 30% off entire order"

For reference, I'm trying to do this with a Clothes accessory store, so it ends up like:
"Any 1 item from PANTS + Any 1 item from SHIRTS bundled together = 30% discount on the order" 
Obviously, PANTS and SHIRTS are separate Collections which encompass ALL Pants and Shirts items.

I've tried Bold Upsell and Upsell Bundled Products but it seems these apps cater towards SPECIFIC bundles, like "Buy Adidas pants model 123 + Adidas shirt model 123 = discount". I'm trying to do a bundle like the one described earlier.

I'm looking for a proper way to solve this issue, any tips would be appreciated. Maybe there's a certain App which I haven't found out yet. Maybe it involves coding something, I wouldn't have a problem with learning that. 

I really need some pointers here, thank you for any help :).

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Hey, there.

My name is Sunny and I'm from the Shopify Guru team. I would love to help get you set up to offer bundles to your customers!

Discounts are such a great way to get your customers interested in purchasing more products especially during the holiday season. I am happy to share that you can actually achieve what you're looking for without using any third party apps or coding. You can create these bundles right in the Shopify admin!

We offer four types of discounts:

1. Percentage
2. Fixed amount
3. Free Shipping
4. Buy X Get Y

To achieve the bundles you are looking for I would suggest using the Percentage or Buy X Get Y discounts. The main difference between these are that Percentage discounts will take a percentage off each product in the cart whereas Buy X Get Y discounts only apply the discount to one of the items in the cart. 

Another thing to note is that you can also create an automatic discount using Buy X Get Y which means the discount will appear in the checkout automatically and there is no need for your customer to enter a promo code. This can be created by going to Discounts > Automatic > Create Automatic Discount. To learn more about our discounts in more detail, follow this link (


I created quick examples of these discounts below to help illustrate how buying one item from your shirt collection and one item from your pants collection will get your customer 30% off would look:

1. Percentage discount
- Watch this video to see how this discount should be set up
- This is how it will appear in the checkout:


2. Automatic Buy X Get Y discount
- Watch this video to see how the automatic discount should be set up
- This is how it will appear in the checkout. As you can see, right when I clicked the "Check Out" button, the discount was already applied. If you want your customers to manually add the Buy X Get Y discount, follow the same instructions but make sure you are not in the Automatic discount section.

Do either of these options work for you? I would be happy to discuss further to make sure you are happy with the outcome.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Sunny | Shopify Guru

Sunny | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi Sunny,

I have the same question/issue of giving our customers and automated discount (let's say 10%) if they buy a bundle of one product from a collection  AND  one product from another collection!

So the key element of bundle here is AND , not OR... what you are explaining us is how to give a discount if the customers buys any 2 products from any of 2 selected collections.

I want to give customers a discount if they buy a SHIRT "AND" PANTS , and not if they put in the cart just 2 pants or just 2 shirts!!!

Shopify should have had the option to select the CONDITION who bundle the collections, not to use just the condition "any product of the following collections that you select."

So, the question is, how to create a rule that applies a 10% discount to a cart that contains 2 products from 2 (mandatory) different collections, both shirt and pants, and not any products of those 2 collections? So, if the cart has 1 shirt and 1 pants, gets 10% discount / if cart has 2 shirts, no discount / if cart has 2 pants, no discount.

Thank you!

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Hello, remus2232,


My teammate and I just released our new application on the Shopify app store called ZeBundler. With ZeBundler you can create bundle easily and we integrate a recommendation feature to help you to to find the product to group together based on your customer’s orders. Thanks to ZeBundler you can increase your customer's order value with product bundles and regroup in an independent product many other products to satisfy your customers.

There is a 14-day free trial! Please check out our video tutorial and our documentation too if you are interested.


Hope it helps!