Creating an App Proxy without using the app functionality

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Hi there, I am hoping someone could shed some light on my idea and whether it's viable or not.


I am looking to use the App Proxy to make fetch request to a Cloudflare Worker (it's just what we use internally).


However, setting up an app you will need an `App URL` and `Allowed redirection URL(s)`.


My issue is I don't want to use a fully fledged app as i'm offloading all the work to a Cloudflare Worker.


My steps to try and combat this is:

  1. Create an app using the Remix example
  2. Deploy the app to Shopify Partner account
  3. Install on store
  4. Forget about hosting the app as I'm not using it for anything
  5. Set up the app proxy
  6. Make my fetch requests to that proxy


I have tested this and it's working, I just want to know if there's any real issue with this?


I tried creating an app from within the Partner Dashboard but still have to add the URLs by the looks of it.


Thank you in advance!


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