Re: creating barcodes for skids that could have multiple products

creating barcodes for skids that could have multiple products

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  • We are looking into working with a warehousing company as we need more space for storage of products. They said we need to have barcodes on each skid so that they can easily scan a skid and know what exactly is within the skid. As our products are smaller and in boxes, where 21 boxes fit on a skid. Is it possible to use a barcode generator app to where we can set a barcode for a skid and be able to say exactly what the skid is made up of? Instead of having multiple barcodes for each different product on the skid, we were hoping it could be easier to just have one barcode that can list all the products in the skid so that when we want to get them from the warehouse, all they have to do is scan the skids until they find the correct products on the correct skid. Let me know of this doesn’t make sense, or if it does and you have found out solutions to problems like this! Thank you!
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Hi @-DM ,


yes this can be done via custom app, below will be the functionality of the app.


1. App will give option to create skid at admin and it will be mapped with a barcode.


You will able to add or remove product from skid.


2. every time warehouse user will scan barcode using any device it will show the list of product it contains.


feature can be build vice versa for product you will also able to generate barcode for single product which will also be mapped with skid.


that’s means when you will scan the product barcode you will able to see in which skid the product is.



this will help you to search the product when have to move in inventory from the warehouse skid to store.



let me know if you need more detail on this, my contact details are in post footer.





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