Creating bundle app where customer can choose products in bundle

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I read the documentation of bundles:


In the section 'Merge the bundle' it states : 

If the extension detects all of the components of a given bundle in the cart at checkout, then the extension returns merge operations to Shopify that combine the respective components and present the given parent_product_variant.

Is there a way to let it bundle when the main product is in the checkout and some of the products of the bundle are in the checkout (not all) ?

When the customer is on the main product of the bundle, I want to let them choose 3 products 

of the bundle. But they need to be able to choose out of 20 different products.


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Hi @FraukeFvdz,

For your specific situation, consider using Easify Product Options app to establish a custom selection of 3 out of 20 products for your customers might be more effective than relying on Shopify bundles. Here's a step-by-step guide 😊:

Below is an example:




App settings:

  • Create your main product, no options or variants needed
  • Install the app and create a new option set
  • Add an option within your set to showcase the products available for selection in the bundle. Choose from 26 display types such as image swatches, checkboxes, buttons, etc. Link each option value with your existing 20 products to facilitate customer selection.


  • Ensure customers can choose only 3 option values by setting the maximum selection limit.


  • Finally, add the created options into your main product.


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