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I'm new to shopify app development , I want to create one custom payment app in shopify like klarna payment, Can i get any insights or guidance other than the shopify payment app development documentation, It is bit harder to follow. can any one please give some hints.,


It would be helpful for me so much.


Thank you in advance.

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@Ponmari following is a quick overview to create app .I hope that helps.

Certainly! Here's a more simplified step-by-step guide to help beginners in creating a custom payment app for Shopify:

1. Understand the Basics:
- Research Payment Processing: Learn how payments work in Shopify. Understand that a payment app helps customers pay for their purchases securely.
- Get Familiar with Shopify's Development Tools:Sign up as a Shopify Partner and create a development store. Use this environment to build and test your app without affecting real stores.

2. Choose a Payment Provider:
- Research Payment Providers: Look for payment providers like Klarna that offer APIs for integration. Check their documentation or developer resources for information on how to connect their services to Shopify.

3. Set Up Your Development Environment:
- Explore Shopify's Payment API Documentation:While you found Shopify's documentation complex, try to understand the basics of their Payment Processing API. Focus on how apps can interact with it.
- Start Small: Begin with simple tutorials or sample projects related to Shopify app development to get accustomed to the workflow and tools.

 4. Develop Your App:
- Use Shopify SDKs or Libraries: Shopify provides tools in various programming languages to simplify app development. These tools can help interact with Shopify's APIs.
- Follow Integration Guides: Follow step-by-step guides provided by your chosen payment provider to integrate their services into your app.
- Test Your App: Once you've written some code, test it thoroughly in your development store. Ensure your app works smoothly, handling different scenarios like successful payments and errors.

5. Submission and Launch:
- Prepare Documentation:Create simple, easy-to-follow documentation for your app. Explain how merchants can install and use it.
- Submit for Review: When your app is ready, submit it to the Shopify App Store for review and approval. Be sure to comply with Shopify's guidelines.
- Provide Support:Offer ongoing support for merchants using your app.

 Additional Tips:
- Community and Learning Resources:*Join Shopify's developer community forums or attend webinars, tutorials, or courses designed for beginners.
- Take Small Steps: Don't rush. Focus on understanding each step of the process before moving on to the next.

Remember, creating a payment app involves coding, testing, and ensuring security. Take your time, explore resources, and seek help from the community or more experienced developers whenever needed. Start small and gradually build upon your understanding and skills in Shopify app development.

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Thank you for your guidance 🙂  It will be helpful in the  process of my app creation.