Creating Smart Collections Based On Metafields

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Could anyone suggest an app, that can create collection pages, based on metafields that we have assigned to products? We are looking for something that will allow you to essentially create a smart collection, based on multiple Metafields, and ideally based on other fields like Custom Type as well. If it only allowed you to look at multiple metafields for one collection, that would work for us though. We need to be able to do something like, "if team=x, and product_type=y", then include the item in the collection.


We were told that Arigato Automation might be able to make this work, and we are considering that. We are, however, considering going with Shopify Plus, and we are wondering if Shopify Flow could accomplish the same thing, since it would already be included in our package?


We are also thinking that we may need to purchase a Search app to customize our collection pages and facets, so if there was a search app that had the capability to build collections looking at multiple metadata fields, that might be a good solution for us as well, because maybe we could meet 2 needs with one app?


We tried installing the "Smart Metafield Collections" App, thinking this would solve our problem, but it appears that you can't look at more than one metafield, for one collection, so that won't work for us.


Thank you in advance for your advice 🙂

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