CRM to track B2B Customer lifecycle stages?

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Hello, I'm trying to figure out the best way to track new Shopify customers throughout the lifecycle stages.


Below is an example of the breakdown I'd want. I've been looking for a CRM that links with Shopify to do something like this, but can't for the life find one!


1) When a new B2B customer gets approved and added as a Shopify customer, they would automatically enter the "New Customer" stage.


2) A manager would assign that "New Customer" to a specific account executive.


3) The account executive would see the "New Customer" under their leads and know they need to make an introduction call.


4) Once the intro call has been marked complete, the "New Customer" would move from "New Customer Stage" to "Awaiting First Order Stage".


5) Once the customer places their first order, they'd automatically be placed into "Awaiting Second Order"


6) After the second order, they'd be placed into a more standard flow "Active Customer"


That's an example of a possible flow I'd like to create. Does any app or software exist to help with this?

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Hi, @hreyhrey!


For your case, I would use an app like Zapier to connect Shopify to your existing sales CRM.


You can set up a flow similar to what you're looking for. When a Shopify event is triggered through an action, Zapier can create an action on your sales CRM specific to what you're looking for and visa versa.


I have a similar setup using Pipedrive. I've found that something like this is best done via Zapier as Zapier can connect to Shopify and most other apps you may be using.

It allows for the most customizations to the flow. You can do more than just Shopify to Pipedrive for example as well.


You can check out those available zaps here.


For a different app, simply Google "App name" Shopify Zapier integration and you can get a list of existing Zapier flows.


You can also reach out to their team if you have trouble setting it up so they can help advise you on the best setup.


Do you currently use an existing Sales CRM?



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Hey there! What CRM did you choose eventually? We’re currently looking for a CRM with better email management. Any recs are appreciated.

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Hello there. Actually, Zapier seems like a nice choice. I know a few companies that use it. They say it has a nice UI. In our company, we use Planfix for better project management email tracking. Our work depends on emails, so that's the reason we've chosen it as the main CRM. As for Shopify CRM, I can't actually advise you on something particular. I only know Shopify uses Kustomer CRM. My friend told me about it. Anyway, let us know what CRM you've chosen eventually. Waiting for your reply.

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We had to patch together a solution using Zapier and Salesflare. It works alright but we wish SalesForce allowed us to import customers who don't have custom domains.

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Hey @hreyhrey - thanks for sharing. just testing out Salesflare as we need a similiar flow. Just wondering if you use Salesflare itself for sending/communication emails as well with the contacts?